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Chasing the sunset

            I was travelling west
            Chasing the sunset
            Days were not quite long enough and any extension was welcome
            But I never quite seemed to run fast enough
            And though I ran faster and faster
            And days became longer and longer
            The sun would each day
            Slip inexorably below the horizon

            At one point on my travels
            Just at dawn, or just at sunset
            I can never quite remember
            I stopped to rest at a road-side cafe
            And by chance I met a woman going east
            Chasing the dawn
            Trying to make the nights shorter

            Her name was Magic
            And she carried a staff in her right hand
            She wore a yellow cat-suit and a green silken robe
            And she was befriended by a black cat with a golden collar

            We arranged to meet again,
            and as I ran faster so did she
            until finally on the dawn of one of our meetings
            we both arrived, me from the east
            she from the west
            and collapsed exhausted in each other's arms

            She kissed me warmly
            And pressed her body into mine
            I buried my face in her neck
            And in the next moment I was holding nothing for comfort
            Just my heart beat racing
            A shiver running up my spine
            A tingling gasp of breath

            She was gone, as mysteriously as she came
            She had said nothing but I'd heard every word
            And she left me in WONDER
            at her exactness ......

            She was travelling east
            Impatient for the dawn
            Nights were too long
            And any reduction was welcome

            But she never quite seemed to run fast enough
            And though she ran faster and faster
            And nights became shorter and shorter
            The hours would drag 
            The wolves would howl
            The moon would light her footprints
            And the shadows would fill her with fear

            At one point on her journey
            Just at dawn, or just at sunset
            She could never quite remember
            She stopped to rest at a road-side cafe
            And by chance she met a man going west
            Chasing the sunset
            Trying to make the days longer

            His name was Poetry and he carried nothing
            He was all but naked and befriended by no-one
            They arranged to meet again
            And as he ran faster so did she

            Until finally on the dawn of one of their meetings
            They both arrived as the day was breaking
            And happiness danced about
            Like a smile that found its soul

            You see,
            I used to pray to live forever
            But now I only pray to be a poet
            I travel west .... chasing the sunset......

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